Swing Watch by Kids Dynamic 

Swing watch, an educational watch designed for children. The physical watch with mobile application aim to teach children how to read time and allow parents to have a closer look on their schedule, activity and UV detection.

UI Design 

Application 介面設計


Dressing the Screen Branding Concept

The competition entry for D&AD. Dressing the Screen: The Rise of Fashion Film is a new international British Council exhibition. The exhibition brings together work by some of the world’s most famous and innovative fashion designers and filmmakers from the last 75 years. 

Brand Identity // Editorial Design // Motion Graphics

視覺品牌設計// 展覽手冊設計 // 廣告 // 影片動畫


Auralís Inc.

Auralís, an emerging sustainable resortwear brand with an Urban Tropical aesthetic, is designed and manufactured between NYC and Puerto Rico by designer Auralís Herrero-Lugo.

Editorial Design // Web Design

書籍設計 // 網頁設計 


Alton Lane

Alton Lane is a premium tailored apparel store that let users design custom suits, blazers, tuxedos and shirts.

Brand Identity // Editorial Design // e-Commerce Design

視覺品牌設計 // 書籍設計 // e-Commerce 網頁設計


Foodmula Concept

Foodmula, a vitamin intake calculator, will provide your daily meal vitamin intake instantly and graphically. It is easy to track down your weekly or monthly intake and gain more nutrition advice from Foodmula by providing your accurate body condition data.

UI Design

Application 介面設計


Dreamland NYC

DreamLand NYC is a creative community with a diverse group of designers, entrepreneurs, photographers, dancers, and dreamers. They help small businesses learn the tools necessary to build a successful and prosperous brand with an emphasis on value and service to the world and dreams.

Brand Identity // Video Editing // Web Design

視覺品牌設計 // 影片編輯 // 網頁設計


Cypher New York Lifestyle

As part of CNY studio, the accessory branch embodies the essence and energy of a cypher into stylish wood pieces. Its focus is split into 3 unique lines with their own design philosophy behind them: Owl (Mystery and Wisdom), Deer (Love and Grace) and Monkey (Sassy and Free). When connected, the three animal pieces form a cypher that reflects bold inner beauty.

Brand Identity // Jewelry Design

視覺品牌設計 // 飾品設計


Polka Dot Dotty by Aza Nizi Maza Concept

“POLKA DOT DOTTY” by Aza Nizi Maza is the graduation thesis of Lena Yujung Lin at Pratt Institute. Creating personal experience and to relink the music with their own history is the main key concept of the project. This interactive music video is to allow users to interact and play with music wherever the music leads them by moving around the cursor and left click it to increase speed

Brand Identity // Motion Graphics // Editorial Design // Web Design

視覺品牌設計 // 音樂錄影帶動畫 // 書籍設計 // 網頁設計


Logo & Marks

A selection of logos and marks.

Logo Design



Night Sensation

Night Sensation is a project combining with a book and website to introduce the night view of the High Line in New York City. The design is inspired by the lights along the High Line Park.

Editorial Design // Web Design // Photography

書籍設計 // 網頁設計 // 攝影 // 影像編輯


Ai Vy

Ai Vy provides the world's best, all natural & healthy springrolls and snacks for the entire family, any time. 

Package Design // Web Desgin

包裝設計 // 網頁設計


Illustration & Marketing Collateral

A selection of illustration and ads for various companies.

Illustration // Editorial Design

插畫 // 廣告


Self Promotion 2013

A self promotion of Lena Yujung Lin kit includes stationary, posters and portfolio book. The portfolio book contains projects from 2011 to 2013.

Brand Identity // Editorial Design // Web Design

視覺品牌設計// 書籍設計 // 網頁設計