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#038: 福岡 Night Series in Fukuoka


July 23 - August 1, 2019

Fukuoka is rather smaller compared to mega city Tokyo, and it’s quite easy to navigate. IN my opinion, Nakasu area is a must visit in Fukuoka. Not only do they have Yatai (food stand) along the river, it is also a good place to hanging out with friends with chill music. The original Ichiran Ramen home store is also nearby.

View from Fukuoka Tower 福岡タワー

A great place for couples. They are a designated area that you can have a really good shot on the city view. It is full of Koreans recently. I feel the the top of the tower is a bit smaller than I thought, and the view is limited. You will be inside the building with classes. No balcony. Be prepared to have reflection when shooting the film or photos.

韓國人很多的福岡塔!如果你同時參觀其它設施,例如福岡市立美術館,門票可以省一點錢。如果用日本Line Pay付錢,門票可以省300日幣。可惜台灣Line Pay不適用…福岡市夜景跟長崎比起來就比較都市化,但可以看到的範圍有限,可能我前一天才在長崎,個人比較喜歡長崎山海環繞的景色。福岡塔就在巨蛋旁邊,但是看不到巨蛋…因為被前面的Hilton海鷹飯店擋住了…


Nakasu-Kawabata 中洲川端

It’s very close to Tenjin area, but baby it’s hot outside lol. The sunset view is a surprise for me. I didn’t plan to see it, and I just happened to be there at that time and it was amazing orange. The allies beside the river is a must go places during the nights. They were filled with all things food, including the famous food stands, izakaya, restaurants, and entertainments.

晚上來一趟中洲,夜景別有一番風味。夏天真的很熱,這裡跟天神地下街有連在一起,所以請走天神地鐵東出口走到底再出來。如果想要嘗試屋台的人,可以往南走唷,那邊比較多,靠近天神這邊比較少,但再說一次,夏天很悶熱,要有心理準備會吃到汗流浹背XD 一蘭拉麵的創始店就在橋頭,但我覺得本家的味道變了,不知道是因為觀光客很多還怎樣,其他家比較好吃。另外推薦純情拉麵SHIN SHIN,我很愛~


Hostel 青年旅館

我住了兩家青年旅館,感覺很不一樣,一家在千代縣廳口(TONAGI Hostel & Cafe),另一家在赤坂(Bed Stock),如果想感受日本風情跟日本人互動的的我比較推 TONAGI,那邊住了很多日本人,工作人員也全是類似打工的日本年輕人,可以很輕鬆地聊天,雖然它比較遠(記得買地鐵一日券,一天坐超過3-4次就值得了),但我個人很喜歡。

Bed Stock地點很好,就在天神旁邊,如果要看球賽,這裡真的近很多,這邊歐美人士比較多,而且老闆好像也是外國人,但因為可能沒有公共區域,大家都不太打招呼。