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#036: Stockholm, Sweden


June 26-30, 2019

People asked me why I would travel to Stockholm…well, first thing first, I’ve never been to Stockholm or anywhere else in Sweden, so it will be great to check it out. Secondly, I am going to see FOO FIGHTERS!!! Simple as that!

Like I’ve said before, this European trip is all about MUSEUMS. My museum list in Stockholm includes Vasa and Fotografiska (Photography museum.) There’s another one worth checking out, but too bad I don’t have time: Nobel Museum, the one for Nobel Prizes.

By the way, this trip in Stockholm I was lucky that one of my friends, Daniel, flew from London to join me. We met each other when we studied in New York the first year (different schools though, and we met at a meet-up event for international students.) Thanks to him, the trip was full of laughters and memories!


Vasa Museum





Vasa Museum

Before the visit, Daniel told me a story about how it sank. Be sure to check out the video. The story was quite unbelievable for the modern day standard, but in 17th century, it was experimental and the war ship was the prototype. The museum is small, but very informative. You can join the guided tour like we did. It’s pretty short, and it’s a great introduction to the rest of the museum. My favorite part of the museum is the skeleton and facial reconstruction models. I was amazed on how they create vivid 1:1size skull and face models with their belongs discovered during the excavation. Yeah, you know National Geographic and Discovery were my channels lol.



This was a lovely surprise!!! I wasn’t aware of this museum, and Daniel suggested we give it a go. There happened to be an exhibition “Memoria“ by James Nachtwey. He was a war journalist photographer, and the exhibition shows his lifelong works. They are heavy, touching, and remarkable. People said a picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s true! The whole museum has several exhibitions going on at the same time, and you can get a nice view at the top floor restaurant!


It’s becoming a global music festival!!! I was there 3 years ago in Berlin, and here I am in Stockholm! Maybe because it is its first year here, and the crowd was not so overwhelming which I like a lot. I can have a seat on the lawn enjoying music! The location was very close to the city and accessible through subway and bus. Anyway, I was there to see FOO FIGHTERS and THE 1975. FOO FIGHTERS, needless to say, is still the best! If you have time and can get a ticket, do yourself a favor, go to their live shows!


We also went to Skansen, Gamla Stan, and the palace. Skansen was pretty cool with the zoo, and I saw wolf packs for the first time. Gamla Stan was lovely with small alleys, but be aware of a lot of tourists. The Palace guided tour is pretty cool too! Our guide was talkative, but I wasn’t pay too much attention after Paris. lol (Sorry!)

Some trivia, people in Stockholm speak very good English. They will automatically switch languages if necessary with no problem. According to a Swedish guy, Swedish is cold-blooded. Not to be rude to the Swedes, but I do feel that as well! I met this guy at Lollapalooza and we shared a taxi drive back to city center. He was from Lebanon and a Swedish citizen, and our driver happened to be from Iran, and lived in Sweden for 30 years. They talked about how they felt about like an outsider because their appearance although they’ve been in the country for as long as they can remember.