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#034: Second time in Amsterdam


June 18 - 20, 2019

Van Gogh Museum

This is probably one of the most popular museum in the world. Highly highly recommend you book your ticket online. They have designated time slot for visitors every 30 minutes. You can just pick the time suitable for you. Please avoid busy times because it’s still crowded.

I really love the route of the museum. It’s following Van Gogh’s lifetime with his paintings and his relationship with his brother and other artists. What I love the most is the audio guide device is so cool and the interface is so clean and easy to use. The audio guide gave a lot of information which we don’t see on the wall.

You can’t take photos in the museum, but you can certainly buy the postcards or paintings at the souvenir store. I learned something new and how Van Gogh finally had his distinguished style. I was looking forward to see STARY NIGHT. But it turned out that famous painting is in MOMA. LOL



Another great museum with a mix of collection. And Rembrandt Gallery is a must see. I am amazed by all the paintings’ size. The scale is massive, and some are even needed to be trimmed to fit the room.

I also like the expedition period gallery about Netherland’s navy power and colonies. After all, Amsterdam in the 17th century is a powerful city regards trade.

By the way, you can download the Rijksmuseum app and have the entire audio guide in your hand. The design is great and easy to navigate. I really love the interface as well.