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#033: Tainan, Taiwan


January 13 - 14, 2019

Being the oldest city in Taiwan, surprisingly, I don’t have any memory of visiting there growing up. To celebrate my childhood friend’s birthday, we had an amazing and short 2-day trip!

Things I’ve learned in Tainan are pretty interesting as well. You never know such a small country like Taiwan has so many differences. First of all, Tainanians ride scooters pretty spontaneously. They use the turn signal when they are turning, not a second before, and even when they are in the inner lane. I found it very crazy, giving the time to react is nearly zero. But Tainanians seem have no problem with that! 

Second, the food! Omg the food is incredible if you like heavy flavor like me. This is your heaven. We only have a chance to visit one particular market and it’s enough. Everything is worth trying! You can see some in the video!

Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan, first ruled by the Dutch East India Company, later taken back by the Chinese, and much later on, given to the Japanese, has a blended history. It’s said that some of the Dutch period historical buildings no longer existed, but we still have some Japanese colonial period architecture here, including the first department store with elevator!

We also went to the Chimei museum with glamorous Baroque style. The animal and armory room are two impressive exhibition with numerous collection. They reminds of National history museum and Met museum in NYC. I particularly love the armory room. They have weapons, especially swords, from Roman to Ottoman Empire. (But Met is still my number one☝️) Highly recommend this museum, and it you have time, take a walk in the garden. You won’t regret it!