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#031 Tokyo, Japan

June 6 - 14, 2018


The video captures the most of my Tokyo trip!! (Please give it a thumb's up!) I think Tokyo is the place where you can visit it again and again and still find it attractive.

This time I was traveling with Ring, who I haven't traveled with around 6 years. The last time we traveled together it was to New Orleans I remembered...great time tho. I've also got to meet some of my NYC friends as well as new friends you probably already knew them in the previous post!

Anyway, as you may know, Tokyo undoubtedly, is one of the most fashionable cities in the world, and this time I am going to introduce some of my favorite shopping areas, what to eat and how to get there. 


Vintage and Home Deco 古着屋&雜貨


We've been to Shimokitazawa and Kohenji and I must say Kohenji is my favorite. The scale of vintage stores is small than the one in Shimokitazawa, but at the same time, not too many people here. And it's more focused on BOHO style, which is totally my taste!

本次覺得最好逛的地方是高圓寺,下北澤雖然古著比較多,但也比較雜亂,相較之下,高圓寺的PAL商店街的style比較民族風,完全是我的菜,哈哈!我們去的那天剛好下雨,沒什麼人,每間都可以逛好久!我們是從地鐵到新高圓寺,從麥當勞那邊進去往上逛,除了古著外還有很多歐風雜貨,像是我們以前常在紐約週末時逛的Flea Market,恨不得每件都帶回家!


 Festival 祭典

This is very cool to see the religious festival happening at night along with night market! As a kid grew up by the temple, I can say it's very similar to the ones in Taiwan. It's just a bit quieter, and the traditional clothing is amazing!

Kamakura and Enoshima 鎌倉&江之島



 Some Unexpected Good Places to Go 私房推薦

不經意在Skytree裡面逛到這兩個,大家可以參考一下。They both have interesting exhibitions, especially Chiba Institute, as they specialized Robot technology (and it's free to enter!)