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#028 Helsinki, Finland

September 13 - 16, 2017

Since Berlin and Helsinki are fairly, we decided to visit Jaleh. :) Our 3 day short visit is sweet and full of salmon.😅 We bought a three-day tram unlimited pass and you can take both trams an buses. The old city is cute and small and we happened to see lots of local college students playing field games throughout the city. (Oh young people! lol)

If you are into Scandinavian design, you should totally visit Design museum, except for special exhibitions, they have a room of design history highlighting some iconic Finnish furniture design (including the ball chair.) Another secret place you should visit is Solo Sokos Hotel Torni. Yes, you should secretly take the elevator and go up to where the bar is located and you will have a stunning city view. Don't forget to visit the toilet as well.😉

One interesting thing about the streets in old city, you can see some animal icons at each corner. I saw some camel, rabbits and even a unicorn. (Thank you for believing in 🦄🦄🦄, Finish people <3) So I did some research and found out they use animals to define street quarters. How cool is that when you say I live in unicorn district! 🔥 I've also found some blog detailing about it. The animal pictures dated back to Swedish urban nomenclature system of the 19th century in Stockholm when each district is given a name in addition to numbers. In 1820 the same system was implemented in Helsinki. Go check it out if you are interested.

我們住在Euro hostel,如果你是hostel international會員的話有打折,我們訂一間雙人房,裡面就是2張單人床、衣櫃桌子椅子都有, 廁所、淋浴間和廚房在外面,但整體很有設計感,以北歐的物價水準來說價錢算很親民。在赫爾辛基的這幾天, 一直看到當地的學生穿著不同顏色的卡其褲(顏色好像代表不同學校)在城市裡玩大地遊戲,好青春呀!


Salmon, Salmon, and more Salmon

Where to begin...... I totally loooooooove seafood. When you visit market square or old market hall, Don't ever forget to try one of the dishes. As you can see, they have a lot of smoked salmon, but I would also recommend salmon soup. It's so delicious it melts in your mouth! 

If you are visiting market square and old market hall, remember to visit them during day time. They run daily from 8 am to 4 pm. If you are like us the first day, you'll see a really empty square with a glorious sunset lol.

There are also some cafe/restaurants we recommend.



This is the highlight of my Helsinki trip. You can use your 3-day pass to get on the ferry and 20 minutes later, you are on the Suomenlinna island. It was designed as military sea fortress, and it still is today. It was listed as USESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. To get to the island is free and there are several museums on the island that you'll need to pay for to get in.

Obviously there was a lot of history going on between Sweden, Russia and Finland. And the way it was built was pretty cool as well. I went to the main museum, Suomenlinna Museum,  and the video intro was very informative. You can totally spent one day there since there are so many things you can discover. I especially love the south tip of the island. There you can see 2 rigns of star wall (I am sure it's called something else, but you know what I mean,) and I actually walked both on top of it and inside of it. As in many fortresses, they has tunnel inside walls to get to where you want quickly, and Suomelinna is no exception. I did enjoy my walk in the dark and wet tunnel and it was hell of fun when no body is with you and haunted feeling is thrilling.