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#025 Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, a city I've been to when I was 16. I had a vague memory of it. Have you ever had the feeling that you have a clear image of a place in your head, but just couldn't figure out where it is? This is how I felt about Vancouver until I was in Gas town again...everything looks so familiar to me.

July 18 - 24, 2017




I've met a dancer friend named Boris in Toronto, and knowing the hustle dance community is big in Vancouver. I've never thought it will be that huge until I saw them practicing at Robinson Square. And I met Nina there. It turns out that we also have some unexpected mutual friends back in Tokyo. Nina invited me to climb Grouse Mountain together. Man, it was a challenge. Can you imagine you climb all the way up with 60 degrees angle for an hour and a half, and there's only one way up with no turning back because it's too steep to go down? And we were just half way to the top! But it was so much fun seeing nature and the Canadian lumberjack show, haha, ladies, it's a must watch!

Grouse mountain has a lot to offer. I went there in summer, so it's good for hiking. I recommend you take a free bus from the harbour to the base and hike to the middle plateau or top peak. Then you can take a gondola down to the back. At the plateau, there's lumberjack show, breathtaking view, and two actual bears. We did saw the bears, but they were lazy taking naps in the shades.

Nina and I found out we were at the similar age with the same Japanese dramas and idols we watched when we were young. I haven't practiced my Japanese for years and I was rusty lol. I guess next time I see Nina, it will be in Tokyo. I am looking forwards to see her there!

Mountains and here we dropped like a slide. #vancouver

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  1. There are a lot of homeless people on the main streets.😔

  2. A lot of Japanese people here. And Asian food here is amazing!

  3. Hustle (dance) community is big here!

  4. Once again, Canadians are genuinely NICE!