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#024 Ottawa, Canada

March 20 - 22, 2017



Daniel was a gentle awesome guy who helped me a lot when I first landed in Toronto. It was his last month in Toronto before taking off to south America and we decided to visit the Capital city of Canada. It was also my first time there, and I was excited about the winter view. Although it's breath taking for some the white scenery, but be warned ahead, it's extremely cold and hard to stay out long!


HI Ottawa Jail Hostel 

This is one of the most interesting hostels I've ever been. It was an actual jail turned into a hostel so you can guess there are a lot of ghost stories floating around. The hostel contains 8 to 9 floors with different types of jail cells for you to choose. They have jail tour inside the hostel every day and it's great to know the history of this building, but at the same time, I felt creepy sleeping in!

Btw, we had our mugshots taken lol



Waterfall in winter is the best, but it's sooooooo hard to take pictures. Your hands are not yours and I couldn't feel them at the end. 😅Anyway, we recommend a small waterfall just right by the high way. It's called Hog's Back and it only takes around 15 minutes bus ride from Rideau mall area. We were the only two human beings on site, so we took our time wandering around.

Another waterfall, Rideau Falls, is just behind the parliament hill. It's where Rideau River runs into Ottawa river and as you can see below, it's all frozen.


Parliament and city center