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#023 New York, New York, USA

New York has a very special place in my heart, and will always be my favorite place. There are millions of people who can tell you how much they love New York. For me, it's the diversity that captured my eye. I spent part of my 20s living here, meeting people from all over the world, studied design in American way, and danced/partied in underground scene like a New Yorker. In 2016, I had a chance to go back again and here's my story! 

January 5 - March 8, 2016

April 26 - May 21, 2016



OH Will! My inspiring good friend! Can you even believe we connected through Instagram like 6 years ago. Will is inspiring and good at connecting people. He's always positive toward things and he made me believe everything is possible. I think he views the world with positive lenses and genuinely attracts like minded people toward him. The entrepreneur turned photographer captured the kindness and potential around him. And here are some pictures he shot when I was there!  


Elena, Mike and Harlem

My three month stay in Harlem was a pleasant experience. Thanks to Mike, who airbnbed his room to me while he was traveling in Japan, I got a nice place to spent the winter. Elena, the roommate from Spain, was also a photographer. I like her bright personality and always cooked good food! lol

West Harlem was a vibrant place to live in. I especially like the local restaurants and fashion brands here since the majority is African Americans here. You can find a lot of tribe accessories which I love. It also has a different vibe from Midtown or Downtown. I'll say it's more friendlier than the business district lol.


Behance 99u Conference

The conference is hell fun and all the volunteers are really nice to work with. And guess what! I've encountered Jennifer, aka my fellow Pratt classmate, WHAT A SURPRISE! The 3 day event was quite amazing with some world class designers and we got a glimpse to the keynote speech as well. I've also met so interesting aspiring rising artists and designers as volunteers.

PS. I really love the branding of the conference that year! You can totally tell it's Behance style. 😁


My #Almostfamily Members

We had a Line chat group called almost family. All members are from Taiwan who took care of me since my student era. I am very grateful to know them all. They helped me a lot and we all got a taste of Taiwanese food when we miss home. I stayed couple of days with them during this trip and we went to Vermont for snowboarding. That was my first time snowboarding, and man, it was hard! Advice here: wear butt pad if you have one lol.

Random Moments