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#022 Boracay, the Philippines

Boracay, being named the most beautiful beach in the world, has been on top of my list for a long time. Finally, I caught up with one of my besties, Ryuko, and joined by Ryan to start this amazing tropical paradise tour.

November 7 - 12, 2016


Ryuko & Ryan 


I met with Ryuko again after our departure from NYC. She and Ryan works at the cruise ship and literally travel around the world. (I am jealous!) Ryuko and Ryan are both Filipino, and you can call them locals in Boracay, especially Ryan...he knows everything. We had a lot of food adventure, sunbath at the beach, adventures on the sea and of course, karaoke! Did I mention the seafood is insanely delicious and cheap? You can just walk on the beach and whichever stand is fine.

We've also found a local small bar at the very end of beach #1 with great Marley music! As you may know, many of Filipino workers work abroad. Form one point of view, you earn more than if you work overseas, and from another point of view, I think it will broaden your view since you've seen the world**! I think we all belong to the later that we cannot wait to explore the world.

**This reminds of Trevor Noah's Netflix stand up - afraid of the dark. He has his take on immigration, and he has a point. As a traveler and living in North America for almost 7 years, I've tried to fit in, but at the same time, still proud of my differences. The point is that we need to respect each other, as human beings, regardless of race, skin color, and accent.


How to get there and local tour tips

If you've ever been to the Philippines, you'll understand it's a long way to the islands you will be visiting. Okay, no matter where you are going, you need to get to Manila first (all international flights.) And next take Boracay for example, you need to take another small plane to the local airport. Finally, take another ferry to the island! It will take you a WHOLE day to get there even I flew from Taiwan (which is very close, only 3 hours away.)

Once you get there, your transportation should be a trike. Remember to do your homework first. Getting around to the beach should be 100 peso or less. Sometimes they will pick up other people on the way. But remember to settle the price with the driver first. Ryuko and I saw another couple from Europe and the driver charged them 2 times than ours.

Once on the beach, you will see PLENTY PLENTY of water activities tour package run by locals. Once again, remember to settle the price first, and you'll have a great time later. The locals are very friendly, and there's a guy even come to hang out with Ryuko every day lol.

*Side note: it's very very touristy, be prepared to see a lot of tourists...


Ivan, the bar, and the dancer bartender 

During our girls' night out, we went to this bar Paraw our first night. And we went there 3 days in a row during day time just to get tanned and close to the water. Paraw during day time is a chill bar and a club at night. We met Ivan, a Russian guy, just chilling out. We suspects he's one of the owners in some hotel here. He's pretty nice and polite, but omg so good at drinking...Believe it or not, we encountered with him several nights later at a different bar again ๐Ÿ˜ณHe always treated us drinks ๐ŸนThanks Ivan ๐Ÿ˜…

There's another bartender works in the bar who is also a dancer. I mean like old school hip-hop kind of dancer. You can just tell by the way he moves. I like meeting dancers. There's no need to have a verbal language to communicate. Dance is our language!๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿป