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#021 Montreal, Canada

Oh Montreal, you had my heart!❤️ This is one of my favorite cities and couldn't be happier to be here around Spring/Summer time. Climbing Mount Royal twice, kayaking in Chambly once, walking on the bridge trying to get to where Formula 1 is, watching amazing Cirque du Soleil, cruising at bars, catching lights on the walls...so many memories that will last forever.

May 21 - June 13, 2016




Met Nic in Berlin this year and had another chance to meet in Montreal again. I was lucky that I was able to explore the suburbs and did some sorts of outdoor activities together. We entered the mountains without paying by taking the road not taken (and shouldn't) by the public.  


Andy and his robot

Let's call him Andy (b/c I'm not sure it's his real name!) We are hostel roommates and had a couple drinks together. (yeah, best way to know people, right?) Andy is from Melbourne. He was on his work break and on his way to Hawaii for a friend's wedding. He was fun, polite, and looks like Taylor Kinney (omg!) He seemed to not have a care in the world. Later on, after couple of drinks later, he told me a story about how he was tired of his work and also broke up with his gf at the same time. I guess sometimes people need to experience the unexpected to know what they really want in life. He also carried a toy robot, something like lego one, with him all the time and take photos. Sort of a memo for where he's been!


The lady in the bar

While Andy and I were drinking and chatting in a bar one afternoon, we met a lady sitting right next to us. She is French speaking African decent and a single mom. You may wonder why she's in the bar drinking in a bar...I guess that's they only time in a day that she has for herself. It's not easy to be herself while you are a mother. She told us wonderful stories about her children and how she was before giving birth. Don't get me wrong...she loves her children I can tell, but she also misses being alone and free. I guess it's hard to find a balance in between. At the end, she's sort of too happy and being slightly tipsy, we danced our ass off on the dance floor. But I think I'll always remember the happiness on her face when she talked how she used to be when she was young!




I didn't expect Jonas to be that young when I first met him. I thought he was in his early 20s, but it turned out he was only 18 at the time. He was on his 6 months trip in North American before attending college in Germany. He gave me lots of tips about where to go and what to do, and we went to the premiere of Cirque du Soleil's newest "Luzia" (2016) together. Have I mentioned Cirque du Soleil is from Montreal? They produced a new show every year around March and always premiered under the big tent at old port Montreal. It is highly recommended to see the show if you are around.


Anne and Eddie


We were roommates in the hostel. (Same hostel, but I changed my room) These two ladies were super easy to get along with. I finally have the chance to go for the famed brunch here and I can say that was one of the best I've ever had. (and I went back in 2017 again!) We also had a girl night out chasing the light in the city, great experience for learning more about Montreal history. Eddie was a freelancer like me, so she pretty much carried her work with her while traveling. Anne was on her 9-month trip crossing North America and to Australia. Haha I still remember that Anne and I went for a bar to watch watch Germany's game for Euro 2016 on my last day in Montreal. Gladly Germany won and I learned a few of cheering German vocabulary!


Things I've learned in Montreal:

  1. Montreal is the second largest foodie city in North America, just behind NYC. It's also the second largest city that the spoken language is French, just right behind Paris. In the suburbs/outside the city, people don't/can't English. (I'm classified as English people in their mind 😂)

  2. Montreal turned 375 years old in 2017 and Montreal En Histoires projection project is amazing!

  3. Montrealers think they are Quebecers instead of Canadians.