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#020 Berlin, Germany

This was my second time in Berlin. This time I have more time to explore the city. 

April 11 - 26, 2016


Tobi and his friends

Tobi used to be in a rock band. I mean heavy metal rock, which is a whole new level of loudness for me. People say Germans are very serious and cold on the outside, but that's not what I encountered. He and his friends were very welcoming and showing me around the city. They also took me to the underground rock scene which I'll never find it if I go by myself.


Hostel friends

I've also met some interesting friends in the hostel this time. There's a freelance writer traveling around the world while working. She happens to be Taiwanese and her home was in Brooklyn. Talk about coincidence! We shared similar point of views about life and work, and we clicked right away. I've also met other travelers from India, Canada, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. It's fun when you think of this. This might be the first and last time I've ever seen them...all the while reminds me to enjoy the moment.


Graffiti tour

Besides regular walking tour, I'll recommend this one if you are into street art and graffiti. Some people say that Berlin nowadays is Brooklyn 20 years ago. I get that! Berlin has the hipster vibe around it...a bit of sketchy but funky at the same time. It attracts some of the world famous artists. The tour guide is very professional and knows his way around here and his knowledge about the artist and their works is guaranteed.