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#017 Dublin, Ireland

When your friend casually mentioned about St. Patrick's day in Dublin, I've never thought it will become a reality. That was what happened between Jaleh, Graham and me. Jaleh flew from Helsinki. I flew from Newcastle. And Graham is a local. It was amazing we celebrated March 17, 2016 in Dublin with madness green crowd and traditional Irish songs and beers!

March 15 - 31, 2016



I landed earlier than Jaleh, so I was hanging out in the common room then I met Alex. At first I couldn't figure out where he's from. This is a little I like to play when traveling haha. Usually I can guess where they are from with their accent. (By the way, I can tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese, and Korean just by the look!) But with Alex, I was amazed. He speaks French with his friends and also speaks perfect London accent English. It turns out his Dad is from Paris, and his mom is English. No wonder! We had a night out drinking talking about everything including politics lol. Great talking and later on I found out he is a rock star lol I definitely will go to Alex's show if I ever visited Paris again.


Jaleh and Graham


How I love my friends! We met in my epic trip in Istanbul (met so many great people there) and we still kept in touch today. We took a walk in Dublin on St. Patrick day, hiking in Howth (Graham's home) and talked about tea. I especially love Howth. This was my second time here, but with the local local guide with us, I saw Howth with a different perspective.


Easter Rising and St. Paddy's day

I happened to be in Dublin during these two important holidays. St. Paddy's is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick (c. AD 385–461), the foremost patron saint of Ireland. So we literally drank to celebrate his death. 😱Another huge celebration is Easter Rising. There's a bit Irish history here: 2016 marks the 100 year anniversary of the revolution. So it was a huge ceremony on O'Connell street. I also recommend taking a walking tour in city center. There are many historical monuments and buildings just right on O'Connell street. You won't be disappointed if you are a history geek.


Day trips: Wicklow, Belfast & Giant's Gauseway

Jaleh and I went for Wicklow and Glendalough day trip. One fo the reasons we choose Wicklow was because of the move "PS. I LOVE YOU." Mel Gibson's "Brave Heart" was also shot in Wicklow. Glendalough, from the Irish “Gleann da locha", meaning the Glen of two Lakes, is also one of my favorite places. You can see many Celtic monastic sites here with beautiful mountains.

If you are a Geographic geek like me (yeah, rare people know I majored in Geography in Uni,) you will get excited when you see the Giant's Causeway. Located in the north, formed 50 to 60 million years ago, during the Paleogene Period, the Giant's Causeway resulted from successive flows of lava inching toward the coast and cooling when they contacted the sea. It's quite a view when you walked along and finally reach seashore the with the strong wind blowing over you.



  • Pho Viet: the first Vietnamese restaurant located at Parnell. This Vietnamese restaurant is authentic with real food. Their pho is highly recommended. Jaleh and I went back several times lol.

  • Chinatown: if you are an Asian foodie like me who can't live without asian food occasionally then you can find Chinese, Korean, and Japanese food in Chinatown at Parnell street.

  • I am sure you can find tons of bars in Dublin, but do yourself a favor, don't go to Temple bar area unless you don't mind spending too much money!