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#016 Newcastle, England

March 12 - 15, 2016

The reunion trip continues. I had some spare time between London and Dublin, and I've decided to visit the town on the northeast called Newcastle upon Tyne. The train ride from Kings Cross to Newcastle was pleasant and the scenery is beautiful especially when you are on the bridge about to enter Newcastle station. It's the same ride from Virgin to Edinburgh. If you have time, I highly recommend the short trip.


Tom & Tom

You may remember my encounter with Toms in Berlin last year, and guess what, they are from Newcastle. I totally had a great time here thanks to T-shirt Tom. His Geordie accent is still thick as ever and still has a thirst for Alcohol. We've visited some historic bars there and I love the old wooden interior. Suit Tom got his new job as the reporter in Newcastle United (!!!!!) and of course both of them are die-hard fan, so you can imagine our conversation topics were surrounding football. 😁 By the way, I also got the chance to take a tour in St. James Park (Newcastle United FC main stadium.) You'll be happy for sure if you are a football fan!

IMG_1323 copy.jpg


Girl from Euro Hostel

Hostels in England are generally not cheap. This is not an exception here. I met an interesting girl here. She's like Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter. She's from a small town south of London and she was doing some volunteering work and traveling around UK before she moves to China. It's always cool to know somebody and what they are passionate about. That makes me realize there are millions of ways living life, and there's no need to compare or set the timeframe for your life!


Things I've learned in Newcastle

  1. They call themselves Geordie.
  2. I think it's a non-written rule that girls in UK must wear 3 inch+ high heels when going out.