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#015 Toronto, Canada

2016 is probably the year that I reunited with my friends the most. From school, from home, and even from backpacking. So the start of 2016, I've decided to visit the place where the friends met in Paris currently live: Toronto.

February 27 - 29, 2016


Reunion with Emma, Dan and Allan

My Toronto gang: Allan, Dan, Emma, me and photoshopped Riley 🤣

My Toronto gang: Allan, Dan, Emma, me and photoshopped Riley 🤣

The short trip is full of laughter and memories. We talked about how life is so different when you were on the road and how life it is back to city life. If you are interested, you can see my Paris post. Although we only had one day together, we've managed to stay in hostel, grab beer and poutine, visit hockey hall of fame, drinking all night (and Allan injured his feet when he's drunk lol), photoshoped Riley into our photo, walk Toronto island and not far away farm (Dan kept checking out 3 dudes on the ferry and according to him, they are from Netherlands....lol) 

I think the experience of traveling solo makes me cherish the moment like this....the time with friends, pay attention to small things, think deeper, and just enjoy the moment.


Things I've learned in Toronto

  1. Toronto is cold or generally Canada is cold in winter. For a person like me who don't feel cold easily, yeah... no wonder we called it the great white north. lol
  2. The English here is mixed with British and American vocabulary.
  3. Restroom is called washroom.
  4. They loooooooooove draft beer, but it's pricy here.