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#014 Los Angeles, California, USA

I remembered I fly out on Christmas Day with Philippines airline and the flight was so empty that everyone can lay down on 3 seats. I was so excited about my coming trip that I didn't sleep well. This wasn't my first time landing in LA. I've been here when I was 16 years old when studying abroad for 1 month. They said it's always sunny in Cali, so it's good to be back in winter time for the sunshine.

December 25 - January 5, 2016


Paul and Jane (Mum)


I am grateful that a friend of mine has the connection with Paul and introduced me to him. I've never met him before, and I am so thankful Paul and his mom let me stay with them. It came to my mind recently that we often got unexpected help not from our close friends, but from people we hardly know. How amazing and generous they are. Okay, this is the proof that I still believe in HUMANITY! Btw, there was an episode that Jane lost her phone, and got it back hours later. It rarely happens when it comes to mobiles...well, once again, there are still nice people out there.




You know how funny it was when we first met? I was in my hostel room doing stretch...you know you need to do what you gotta do everyday no matter where that is...and Tobi woke up to see me with full split facing down! It must be a surprise for him!😆

We became good friends (well, he's cute! lol) and tour around together a lot. We've hike to Griffith Park, visited Hollywood Forever cemetery to see his rock star Johnny Monroe, went to Amoeba Music record store, and just walked in Venice beach! He was on his one-year world trip and was on his way to South America. It was interesting listening to his stories about home stay with a fisherman family in Vietnam and how he crossed the border of Kyrgyzstan to China and Tibet. I admired his courage and optimism that he choose a different/difficult journey. What I've learned from him is there's a lot of things you cannot controlled, so do your best you can and followed the vibe enjoying the moment!


Nick, Will, Ellen, Alex and Jensen

My hostel friends...haha I still remember they were a rowdy crowd. Our 5 hours epic hiking to the Hollywood sign (actually, the back of it!) was so much fun. So many memories were made!

  • Alex and Ellen tried to do the short cut by climbing to the cliff and did't know how to get down.

  • Will on his way to Seattle or Vancouver doing his 3 months tour.

  • Nick, a Singaporean / Taiwanese foodie seems to eat well around the world!



Kevin was my NYC friend who moved to LA to pursue acting/dancing career! Thanks for showing me around Venice beach and drink original sugar-caned coca cola! It was always seeing an old friend although the surrounding is so different than it used to be. I feel he's happier than while he was in NYC, and I wish him all the best!



  1. The infamous traffic in DTLA and it's a real pain when you stuck there for hours

  2. The public transportation can be better, especially buses. Can you believe the average bus schedule is every 30-40 mins!!!!!!

  3. Asian food paradise is worth its name.