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#012 Shizuoka & Nagoya, Japan


This mountainous town was a lovely experience for me. It's famous for its view to see Mt. Fuji and The east side of Japanese soil to the Pacific. I can tell you that there were only 2 hostels when I did my research. The one I stayed is literally a home stay and what's so cool about it is that it's a good mix of Japanese and foreigners among guests. The owner of the hostel is from Okinawa and of course he has a surf guy look with shaggy long hair and tanned skin. (By the way, he looks like 大泉 洋 if you need a visual reference.) But he's also a sushi chef. I had a great 3-day trip biking around the city and took a train to see the ocean and mountains.


Another interesting journey in Japan. The hostel we stay just located in the center of red light district. In the days it's very quiet and in the nights overactive :) Even got asked by an middle age guy at noon to get a room when I pretend not to understand any Japanese. Weird lol


My hostel roommate from Germany. Since we are in the red light district and we decided to go into a (adult) toy store to check it out. The owner was eager to show us the purple dildo in motion and demonstrating. Haha he totally misinterpreted we as a couple and I was Japanese. So he kept telling me how good-looking Saman is ...blah blah blah...anyway, for some reason, Saman couldn't stop laughing which sort of embarrassed the owner. XD

We did do some touristy things such as visiting Nagoya Castle, tasting Histumabushi, visiting science museum, and bar hopping. Love the castle as always. (Nagoya castle is one the 3 most famous castle in Japan, along side with Himeji castle and Kumamoto castle.)


What can I say? We met too late. On his last day in Nagoya actually. Had a great chat with Tyler, who represents friendly Canadian very well. Hope to see him soon again!

Things I've learned in Shizuoka and Nagoya

  1. Small town and people are friendly:) 
  2. Hitsumabushi paradise in Nagoya! If you are a grilled eel lover like me, you need to be here.