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#010 Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is my last stop of my 2015 euro trip. I've never imagined Ireland to be so wonderful and sunny (I got lucky again!)

June 17 - June 24, 2015


Emilio was a legend. What can I say!!! He was the name of freedom. haha, he never really made plans and just took whatever comes to his way. He took the cruise to Dublin from Liverpool because someone told him it was good. He took every crazy advice from some travelers because it's adventurous. It's kind of amazing he's living this free but at the same time enjoys life. He always said his mother was so happy very darn time he came home! :)

Guys in my hostel

They were a crazy pack. They came from all over the world such as Brazil, Venezuela, England and other places. Interesting enough, they all worked in a hostel in England, so they pretty much know everything about the hostel culture. I stayed in a 12 bed dorm with them, and one morning, I found a note in the bathroom from another girl saying,

"Dear couple above me, I couldn't sleep because your overly active motion rocking the entire bunk bed...blah blah blah.."  

You know what I mean...I was sort of surprised because I had no idea. Obviously, I can sleep anytime due to my 3 month long backpacking experience. After I had the breakfast with the girl who wrote it, we found another note from that couple.

"Dear girl below us, We are very sorry to disturb you at night...blah, blah, blah...Sincerely, Happily After Sex couple"

HAHAHAHAHAHA who can stay mad when you saw this!!!! Welcome to the hostel life!

A German Girl from Wales

Graham suggested me visiting his hometown Howth which is 20 minutes away from Dublin by train. And that's where I met this girl and had a great hike. There are several trials you can pick in Howth and we decided to pick the second longest one. In the middle of the way, we got lost and couldn't find the trail mark, but whatever, we just kept walking and we reached the lighthouse in the south and also hiked to a power planet in the highest point (I guess) accidentally. She is the exchange student from the North of Germany in WALES. Yep, it's weird to me at first that she chooses Wales but she said she loves the sea. She had a small cottage (!) near the coast in Wales and It makes sense! The view and the sound of seagulls in Howth reminds her house of Wales. 

Things I've learned in Dublin

  1. If you want to enjoy the local Irish music and bar, don't go to temple bar.  
  2. Cliff of moher is a must go. The view to the Atlantic is amazing. 
  3. If you are in Dublin, don't forget to visit Howth. It will take your breathe away. 
  4. You can kayak in the river Liffey. No kidding! I did it and got lots of eyes. It didn't stink either, surprisingly! 

xoxo, Lena