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#009 Copenhagen, Denmark

June 11 - June  17, 2015

Nathan and Sean, and A girl from Norway

I met Nathan, Sean, and Robbie in Budapest, we had a great trolling in a bar. They were exchange students from America and study in Copenhagen. We had a wonderful BBQ in the sunny Copenhagen. There's one girl impressed me the most. When asking about her favorite sport, she answered football, American football. She even played in the team as a runner back. It's cool to know that American football is popular among girls in Norway.

Tour Guide

I've been go almost every free walking tour in the cities I've visited. This is one of the moemorables not because his guide skills but his personal love story. This made me believe love is love and true love still exists. While we chit chatting, I've learned he's Canadian and his boyfriend is Denish. He met his boyfriend while he traveled in Australia. After the trip, his boyfriend moved to Canada for him for more than a year. But his boyfriend missed Denmark. He said to me it's his time to o show his support so he moved to Copenhagen with him. It's his best decision ever!

Things I've learned in Copenhagen

  1. It's expensive. Yes, everything is soooooooooo expensive. 
  2. You need to walk a while to see the little mermaid, and it's LITTLE. You need to get the right timing to take the spot and take a quick and clean shot.

xoxo, Lena