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#008 Berlin, Germany

After Istanbul, it's a bit strange to be back in the western city. Everything looks very different from the past 10 days, yet it's so familiar to be back in the westernized city.

June 7 - June 11, 2015



I arrived in Berlin on June 7, a day after the champion cup final in Berlin. My hostel was full of Barcelona and Juventus fans. And that was how I met Tom and Tom!! Yes, they are both Tom and Tom, and they travel together. Just Imagine when someone calls Tom, there will be some clearification to made. Not to mention, they have other close friends who are also called Tom. There will be a lot of heads turning around for Sure! 

Anyway, I met 2 Toms on my first night and their last, so it a perfect opportunity for us to drink! They just finished uni, and it was their graduation trip. Besides, beer is ridiculously affordable here. Toms are from Newcastle, which I've only passed by on my way to Edinburgh at that time, and one of them had a strong north eastern accent when he was drunk. Lol Well, I still remembered that when we dined in a restaurant and he asked me "can you follow me," God knows, I've tried. The accent was just that thick! The other Tom was trying to get into journalism at the time (by the way, they are doing pretty well right now) and I think I've learned some football knowledge from him as well. They are genuine and decent people and I feel very lucky I got to know them that I had the chance to meet them again in Newcastle, their hometown, in my second euro trip an year later. (Coming soon!)


Emma and Riley

Yes, two of my favorite Canadians, I met them again. We both met each other in our early trip, and couples cities later, it felt so good to meet "old friends" again. Emma and I had an amazing day trip to Potsdam. Of course, some ice cream too. Riley joined us later. We had our picnic take 2  at a giant table identifying itself as a high tea table. We thought it was a piece of public art works, but we decided to sit on it anyway. At some point, there was a policeman walked by, and we thought we were screwed. He looked at us, then walked away! (Yay, we were safe!) You should see how passengers looked at us, as if we were some weird tourists (haha we were.) Any day with them was never a boring day!


Things I've learned in Berlin

  1. Never skip buying whatever metro, train tickets. You will be fined for 40 euro if you get caught. And believe me, you will get caught!

  2. Germans are not particular friendly or smiley. But don't worry, they will still help you!

  3. Berlin Wall in east Berlin is a must see. Berlin is pretty huge and still under construction due to the destruction in recent history. It's a vibrant city, and I haven't seen it all. Would love to visit it again.

  4. I watched the movie "Bridge of spies" (this one is serious) and "men from uncle" (hilarious Guy Richie style) after my trip and they made me wanna visit it again!

xoxo, Lena