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#006 Budapest, Hungary

My next stop after Prague is the capital city of Hungary, Budapest. The city is very big and divided into Buda and Pest but river Danube.

May 21 - May 28, 2015


Papi is a dancer my dancer friends in Prague introduced to me. That's the beauty of friendship. You never know a stranger can turn out to be so genuinely and trust worthy to you. Again, I'm grateful for his company in Budapest. We partied like dancers would do in every city. We partied hard, danced hard and drank hard. Palinka is one of the strongest liquor I've ever had! Papi very insightful about his career and passion in dance and constantly wanna be better and have a better dance environment for younger generations in Budapest. We had so much fun doing dance videos (thank you, our photographer friend!) in some of attractions including Buda castle. I can't wait to see them!  I admired Papi to have a big vision for the future dance scene and I wish him all the best! 



Yoojin was my roommate in my hostel. She's from Korea and had spent several months in England studying English (if my memory was correct.) Touring around Europe was her graduation gift for herself. She's very excited about food and thanks to her, I've tried my first ever goulash in a vampire theme restaurant! 


American students

i met the boys in my walking tour. They are from Georgia, North Carolina, and California. They were exchange students at that time and you know, it's nice to have someone from unreal country you live long enough. It tuned out they were during their spring break and been to Ireland already, which I will go later in my trip. And also, surprisingly, they studied in Copenhagen where was my second last stop, and of course I met them again later. You see, the pattern is there!


Things I've learned in Budapest

  1. There are 7 bridges across Buda and Pest! I've only been to 2!  
  2. Hungarians came from Asia and have a deep conflict with Chinese throughout ancient Chinese history.
  3. Budapest has Budapest eye called Sziget eye just as London has London eye! 
  4. Compared to free walking tour, Budapest has one of the best walking tour! (It's not free tho) 

xoxo, Lena