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#005 Prague, Czech Republic

Oh Prague, the ultimate wedding destination, is as beautiful as you can imagine. Walking down the Charles Bridge is romantic, overlooking the city from the castle is romantic, and thanks to the travelers and locals, my trip here is adorable and satisfying a foodie can be!

May 14 - May 21, 2015



I met Ezgi in the free walking tour (The sandemans is pretty popular in Europe. By the way our guide is a local architect and very very knowledge) and we had an amazing time exploring the food, the palace and a cathedral the next day. She has a great combination of different cultural backgrounds and she has interesting stories to tell  as well. She was born in Turkey, grew up in Australia and now works in Germany. 

she's also a foodie. The two restaurants we went to were all her recommendation. I had some first times because of her. We talked about a lot of things in just 2 days and I feel I knew her for a long time! At least the lifestyle we have right now is pretty similar. She gets to travel a lot because of work and I totally understand some things that only travelers can understand.

Prague Hustlers

Where should I start? It's safe to say that I never expected to meet this enthusiastic group of young hustle dancers. Actually I've never met them before and T-boy in London (read my London entry) just connected us through FB. That's the power of technology and the passion of dance.  They welcomed me with open arms and we even have a random session in a park where you ca overview the Vltava and the old town. 

I also got a chance to get out of the touristy part of Prague thanks to them. I saw how Praguers live their lives and their historical city is truly beautiful.



David works in the hostel I stayed. He used to live in San Francisco and I think that's why there was a sense of familiarity when he heard me I lived in New York. We had a night of adventure together. Here we were in a small small bar only local people went. You can have a cocktail for 2 or 3 euro, not to mention beer. Have I mentioned how cheap alcohol is in Prague. It's undergrads' heaven. We passed under the Charles bridge and into the dim light ally you see in the movie. By the way. Smoking is allowed in the bar. So be ready to get smoked. One interesting thing about Prague, Uber seems to be illegal here, but they have their own version of Uber service and the driver loves sneaking in the allies. 


The Chicagoan

He is a guest in the hostel but he has been here for almost 2 years. He said Prague is better than Chicago, but there's one thing cannot be replaced, his beloved Blackhawks. And I totally agreed!


Things I've learned in Prague

  1. There's one group of young classical musicians on the Charles Bridge almost every afternoon. They are really good. Remember to check them out!

  2. There are tons of vintage prints in the antique store. I mean TONS, especially post stamps! 

  3. People drink beer at breakfast!!! 

  4. They have Sports Russian Dolls. They paint professional sports players on the dolls. And of course I got my Rangers. It happened to be World Hockey Championship games while I was there, and saw team Canada dining near the Astronomical clock.

xoxo, Lena