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#004 Rome, Italy

The reason why I listed Rome in my trip was all because of the Gladiator (yes, Russell Crow and that movie!) I really wanna see the Colosseum. Rome is one of the oldest cities in the world and it hasn't changed that much. You can still see the same view of Palatine as hundreds of years ago. I've also met some wonderful people here that show me the modern side of Rome.

May 6 - May 14, 2015


Flavia & Gigi

These two Italian girls are energetic and crazy and I love them! I knew Flavia through a mutual friend, and I've only met her in NYC briefly for 15 minutes. Before I arrive in Rome, I contacted her and she welcomed me with open arms! She took her car and showed me around. I've learned that she loves traveling and MJ, and much like me. We had the same mind set and hit it off immediately.

Our trip to the beach with Gigi was so much fun. As dancers (these two are professional dancers), you gotta do crazy stunt on the beach for sure :) There was one trivia thing I adored the most, a little coffee shop after the beach. It was in a very local residential area and you can get a cup of traditional express and biscuits. Here I can sense how Italians live their life. They do know how to to enjoy life!


Carla & her loving family

Where should I start? I felt like I've known Carla for a long long time, but in reality I've never met her in person. We met through a mutual friend as well, and I finally met her and her baby girl in this trip. Carla and her family (her mom & sister) were very nice and welcoming. You can tell they were "the family comes first" type of family and took good care of each other. 

We had a long talk in an amazing restaurant and Savannah is the most happiest baby I've known. She didn't cry, or scream. She just smiled and laughed. ALL THE TIME! That's how I know she has the loving family to grow up with :)


My Canadian pals

Yup, guys from Paris!!! Dan and Allan stayed in the same hostel as me. (Later I found out that Ryley stayed in the same on as well. How crazy is that!!!) They only had 2 days in Rome and we hung out to almost all the touristy site by BUS. I dozed off most of the time lol and they took care of me :) Thank you guys! :)

On my second last day, I found out ATM was in Rome too and planned to meet up! Well, our meet up was dinner and pub crawl lol One thing interesting about pub crawl is that the bars were hidden in the alley and not easy to see from the outside! Anyway, I ended up in the same club which I was with Dan and Allan couple days ago, and be the big sister dragged the drunken ATM back to his hostel! :)


Things I've learned in Rome

  1. They are very friendly and chatty!

  2. They never wait in a queue and somehow it works in its own order.

  3. Food is AMAZING! And you can tell the majority of waiters enjoy their job!