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#003 Paris, France

The third stop of my trip is Paris. Frankly speaking, I didn't have a lot of expectations on what to see or what to do. It's a major city after all and you know, the cities are similar in some ways. What I didn't know is that I was about to meet some amazing people in this white city.

April 28 - May 6, 2015


Canadians came in a pack

They must have radar that can recognize each other. Once you meet one, you'll meet a lot of them. I have no idea why lol. So I met these 5 Canadians in the hostel we all stayed in. It was quite interesting actually. (Please refer to the graphic above.)

I met Ryley first at the dinner table. Actually I knew him the night before because they (a bunch of guys) were all drunk and loud in the dining room while I tried to work on my laptop. The next day Etienne came by our table and Ryley was talking about his new roommate must be a Canadian judging by the blanket. That was Emma. Couple days later, the three of us on the dinner table again drinking (we just kept buying wine and beer. It's crazily cheap. By the way, Ryley had a bottle tequila that I promised to drink with him!) plus Simon. Simon is a French guy who squeezed his face to Emma's in a selfies she wanted to send to her mom. Anyway, she walked out a bit (to stay away from Simon) and brought back another two Canadians Daniel and Allan.

The universe was working its way mystically I'll say. The next day we (except for Etienne, he left earlier) all had a blast picnicking in front of Eiffel Tower and took a tour to catacombs. (Yes, we all remembered what Ryley did!) The thing that surprised me most was that I got to meet each of them once again later in my journey and we didn't even plan it. Some of us stayed in the same hostel again. It just happened... I guess some people we just met them once in a life time and there were some, mean to stick together!


Awesome Brazilian lady

My roommate in Paris was an AWESOME lady from Rio. She probably was in her 60s and was half Brazilian and half French. She used to study in Paris while she was young. She traveled all the way from Brazil by herself, away from her 3 sons and their family. Her daily activity in Paris was to see a black and white movie during the day, and party at night. She always had a champagne in her locker and we drank every night and took selfies! She told me no matter how old you are, just enjoy life!


German traveler

The day I met Ryley, I also met this guy at the same table. He's been a lot of countries most of them in Europe and north Africa during weekends. Weekends, people!! Only in Europe!!

The next day we went to musee d'orsay and it was the most miserable line up day of my life. It was raining and we had to wait for 3 hours to get in. The line was cut at the very end and no one said a thing. It just worked itself out (2 lines became one!) It's impossible in New York. People definitely will scream and shout. Anyway, I have to tell you, the Van Gogh collection was worth the wait for sure!


A couple from Dubai

I waited in a queue to the Louvre in another raining day (I used all my luck in Edinburgh.) A couple behind me was very chatty. He's English and she's from Dubai. Normally it's miserable to wait in the rain, but she was very very excited. It was because they only have 5 rainy days in Dubai in a whole year! She considered it romantic to have a rainy day! Different perspective lighted up my day for sure!


Things I've learned in Paris

  1. Attention girls, do not make eye contact with a French guy and smile if you are not interested. They will think you like them. They take it very seriously. I had a personal experience confirming this theory is true.

  2. French people do not speak English is not because they don't like to speak English or they consider French is the most beautiful language. The truth is that they don't want to embarrass themselves if they cannot speak perfectly. They rather speak nothing at all. (This is from my French friend!)