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#002 Edinburgh, Scotland

Where to begin? Edinburgh is probably one on my favorite place in the whole trip. Honestly after London, this was the first time I knew nobody there and I am completely on my own. I was pretty excited to see all the amazing highland I read from novels.

April 20 - April 28, 2015


A girl from Hong Kong and A boy from South Africa

The hostel I stayed attracted a lot of international young workers and the reason why I still didn't quite understand. Teresa was a nurse from Hong Kong and Theo is South African. They were all on working holidays and they were y first fiends I had in Edinburgh. It's quite funny that we didn't know we both speak Mandarin actually and communicated in English. She's been to All Europe and doing all the crazy stuff. I really loved the fact that she's on this journey was because she saw too many lost and misery in the hospital and realized she needed to look at life in the bright side. It sounded cheesy but it's very true that people only live once, and  really don't know how long do they have. Why not jump on the chance and take a leap of faith? Well well well, while Teresa was very inspirational, Theo was very relaxing, just your typical beach boy. He liked to go everywhere without shoes on just like on the beach and I kept wandering why the heck he ended up in Edinburgh? lol It turned out he was just en route to somewhere he hasn't decided yet! Yap, sounds very like me while I was travelling!


American boys, Canadian girl and Spanish salsa dancer

Like I said, there were a lot of young workers in Edinburgh. Most of them are Spanish. One night, we went out for the pub crawl. There I met a girl from Montreal, a guy (Matt) from Ithaca, NY. 3 bars later, we ended up in a Brazilian dance bar where I meet up this amazing Spanish dancer Elba. Though I am not really a expert of Salsa, I can tell their salsa is different from the one in US. The next day Matt and I met up to go explore old town Edinburgh. We were pretty much hungover with our brunch and the next thing we did was to climb Arthur's Seat. That crazy angle hiking straight to the top caught us off guard for sure. But the view was highly recommended. Take the left trail by the way. Don't take the shortcut. That left one directly can lead you to the very top.


The lady with class

I met this lady in National Gallery of Scotland. I was on my way to see Roy Lichtenstein (The collection was amazing) and we happened to be in the same transferring bus. She was in her 70s and noticed my ring. I loved to dig vintage jewelry in flea markets and had a pleasant conversation with her. She said, "When you are in my age, you realize something you only see it once. If you miss it, you miss it. So don't hesitate on buying the jewelry you fall in love at the first sight. It will worth it no matter how pricy it is." 


Taiwanese girl and Indian Boy

I joined a day tour to Highland and Loch Ness. (Highly Recommended) There was a girl I later knew she was from Taiwan as well. She studied in Paris and had spring break. It made me realize that people in Europe around Europe just like people in US travel around different states. And their flight tickets were cheaper than trains or cars. How amazing it is!

Well, back to the trip, I was sitting next to a 13-year-old boy from India. He was very polite and we had some small talks. He added me on Facebook and the next thing he messaged me is "hey babe!" 13!!!! Talk about awkward and I was not quite sure how to respond it.


Things I've learned in Scotland

  1. Scottish accent is lovey, but can not understand 100%
  2. I was a lucky girl and the 9 days I stay in Edinburgh, it was SUNNY everyday!