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#001 London, UK

Before this 3 months long European trip, I didn't think too much about it. There was no fear, no worries, just pure excitement. I think this kept me going when I was down. And of course, thanks to friends I met in this trip, they kept me on my ground and pushed me to moving forward everyday! And this is our story!

I was lucky enough to be in New York and have known lots of dancers all over the world. Some of them are originally from London or moved to London. I felt like I have another group of families here even though I've never been to London before.

March 31 - April 20, 2015


London Hustlers

The London hustle family!!! What can I say about them. They are awesome and I can feel everyone genuinely cares about each other. They share what they love and I am grateful to know everyone of them. Not sure it's a English thing or not, everyone is so polite! Like NYC, outdoor dancing is always the best. It was cool I had the chance to dance with all of you in London Eye park :) 

The architect & bank boy

I love to wander on the street all by myself and that was when I met this amazing painter and architect George. (It's a lot of fun when I have no plan at all!) He was in his 70s and sat near Westminster Abbey everyday. He was very talkative and we talked a lot about design projects and his experience in architecture. I feel like I just met another mentor of my life. While we were talking, the boy behind us listened. And he ended up showing me Buckingham Palace and he was a moving banker. Never known that a banker can do remotely in different cities and countries. Very interesting discovery!



Christina and I went back to college while we were still in Taipei. I think we hit it off because of the love of party and drinks lol. She's also very direct and bold and that's what I love about her. We had a conversation like how much you like about sex from scale 1 to 10 to where has the best martini. Tips I learned from her: Casino has the best bar and it's cheap. No kidding! Also, if you wanna see the amazing night view of Thames and Tower Bridge, go to the Shard and up to the top floor bar area. Have a drink and forget about London Eye!


Italian chef

The chef! Let's call him Alex. Alex and I were roommates while I stayed in Kings Cross. We stayed in a huge hostel that probably has hundreds of people at the time. And man, the kitchen is the war zone at dinner time. Luckily, I have my Italian roommate who professes pasta. The cream source I learned from him kept me alive for the next three months. I've also learned from him that he's been in that hostel for nearly 2 weeks and probably would stay longer because he cannot afford a flat in London. There were a lot of people like him who were not travelers but foreign workers in that hostel. I've stayed for 3 weeks and I said half of my roommates were like that. It's the different side from the benefit of EU and I am not sure it's better for them in their home country or not.


Things I've learned in London or UK in general

  1. The accent is lovey even though I couldn't 100% sure what they mean.

  2. The way they tell time is different. Half 8 is 8:30. Where did it come from?

  3. The living expense is crazy high. Higher than New York. Same price actually, just switch dollars to pounds.

  4. I looked at both sides when I crossed the street. It's the safest way.

  5. Take the bus 3 times a day and the rest is free by using Oyster. The tube is expensive.

  6. Can't beat the Chinatown. (San Francisco is still the best!)

  7. British museum is amazing but smaller than I thought!