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D.O.P.E. Rings

D.O.P.E. Rings


D.O.P.E. piercings is made of basswood engraved with beautifully designed typography. A pair combines with in and out design.

Size: 0.5" x 0.5" each
Material: Basswood, Gold needle set

Jewelry in Cypher New York is all HANDMADE and Laser Engraved in New York City. Each pair goes with a well designed product card and sack bag.

Tax included. All products are shipped from Taiwan, additional shipping fee may be applied.


MONKEY collection represents FREE & SASSY. Release your wild spirit.


A cypher is as old as time. It can be found in all things. It is a symbol of eternal energy in constant movement. It is the way point between human beings, nature and the Universe itself. It is a journey on the Wheel of Life. Dynamic and simplistic, a cypher is everything. We empower you to be sassy, to be wise and to love life!

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