Line Pay Taiwan currently (2018) has the feature of adding your credit cards to the platform and earn Line points if you pay by Line Pay. The concept is to add new features such as online balance which can be used to pay merchants, transfer among friends, or pay your bills.

UI/UX Design // Prototyping 網站介面設計


Main Screen

Divide major features into three levels with the most important functions on top. Major features added such as money can be topped up, transferred to friends, and withdraw to bank within LINE Pay. You can also review purchase history analytics and pay bills instantly.


My Wallet

Collect all your payment cards in one place, no matter it’s your account balance*, credit or debit cards. With the overview, tap on a specific card to see the expanded detail and CTAs. You can add up to 4 cards (including account balance,) and cards will be color coded.

*Account balance: a new method to store and use money. You can top up and store your money in the account balance which can be transferred easily between LINE friends or online purchase.



Send, Request, or create Money Pool to collect money. You can directly send or request money from your LINE friends. You can also create a money pool and share in chat groups. The money will be transferred through account balance.

Send Flow.jpg
Request Flow.jpg
Pool Flow.jpg


Withdraw your account balance to your debit card or bank account instantly.

Withdraw Flow.jpg

History & Pay Bills

Select a specific card and time period to review your account activity. The history will have the option of List and Analytics overview. On Analytics, a pie chart will demonstrate your expense behavior.

Select a specific payee and enter bill number to pay your bill. Bills can include utilities, parking tickets, tax, etc.